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Financial Results

Financials_Dec 2018_shri gang
Financial Results_Shri Gang_30.09.2018
Unaudited Financials_Quarter ending June 2018_Shri Gang
Audited Financial Results_Quarter & Year ended 31.03.2018_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_June 2017_Shri Gang
Audited Financial Results_March 2017_Shri Gang

Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
Limited Review Report & UFR_30.06.2016_SVL

Financial Result_31.03.2016
SVL_Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 15
Uudited Financial Results_Sep 15
Audited Financial results_SVL_June 15

Limited Review Report & UFR_SVL_March 15
Unaudited Results_SVL_Dec 2014
UFR_SVL_Sep 14
UFR_SVL_June 14

Notice of Board Meeting

Notice_BM_Shri gang_14.02.2019
Notice of Board Meeting_14.11.2018_Shri Gang
Notice of Board Meeting_14.08.2018_Shri Gang
Notice Board Meeting_30.04.2018_Shri Gang
Notice & Intimation of BM
Intimation Board Meeting_13.02.2018_Shri Gang
Intimation Board Meeting_14.12.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation Board Meeting_14.09.2017_Shri Gang
Notice of Board Meeting 14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Notice of Board Meeting_29.05.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation of BM_regulation 29_13th Feb 2017_Shri Gang
Intimation Of BM_SVL_Quarter ended September 2016
Intimation of BM_SVL_Reg 29
Intimation of BM_SVL_Reg 29_31.03.2016
Notice of BM_Regulation 33_Dec 2015_SVL_31.12.2015
Notice BM_Clause 41_SVL_30.09.2015
Notice of BM_CLAUSE 41_31.03.2015_svl

Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern_Dec 2018_Shri Gang Industries
Shareholding Pattern_September 2018_shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_June 2018_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_March 2018_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_June 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding report_March 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Report_Dec 2016_SVL
Shareholding Pattern_30.09.2016
Shareholding Report_SVL_June 2016
Shareholding Pattern_March 2016
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2015_SVL0001
Shareholding Pattern_30.09.2015
Shareholding Pattern_30.06.2015
Shareholding Pattern_31.03.2015

Book Closure Notice

Intimation Book Closure_2016-17_Shri Gang
Intimation of Book Closure_Shri Gang

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Proceedings of EGM_March 2017_SVL
Scrutnizer report_SVL_EGM_2017
Voting results Report_EGM_Shri Gang_25.03.2017
EGM Notice_2017_SVL

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report

Reco_Dec 2018_Shri gang
Reconciliation of share capital audit_Shri Gang_Sept 2018
Reconciliation of share capital audit_June 2018_Shri Gang
Reco Report_March 2018_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_June 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report _March 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Sep 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_June 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_March 2016_Shri Gang

Annual Returns

Extract-of-Annual-Return MGT-9_Shri Gang Industries_17-18

Canditure Section 160

Candidature Notice_Yogesh Kumar_14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Candidature for Rahman Sir_SVL_2016


Combined Scrutinizer Report_Shri Gang_2018
Voting Results_Shri Gan_2018
Proceedings of AGM_2017-18_shri Gang
MGT-12_Polling Paper_2017-18_Shri Gang
AGM Notice_2017-18_Shri Gang
Notice of Book closure & E-voting_Shri Gang_2017-18

MGT-12_Polling Paper_2016-17_Shri Gang
Combined Scruinizer Report_AGM 2016-17_Shri Gang
Proceedings of AGM_2016-17_Shri Gang
Voting Results_AGM 2016-17_Shri Gang
AGM Notice_2016-17_Shri Gang
E-voting Notice_2016-17_Shri Gang

Voting Result- Shri gang
Scrutnizer report_Shri Gang_AGM
AGM Notice 2016_SVL
E VOTING Notice_SVL_2016
MGT 12 polling paper_SVL 2016
E VOTING Notice_SVL (1)
Intimation of book closure_svl.19.12.2015

Annual Report

Shri Gang Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2016-17_Shri Gang
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2015

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Composition of Various Committee

Composition of various Committees_Shri Gang Industries

Familiariazation programme

Familarisation Programme

Independent Director

Terms and Conditions for Appointment of Independent Director
Performance evaluation criteria of Independent Directors_Shri Gang

Statement of Investor Complaints

Investor Gievances_Shri Gang_Dec 2018
Investor Grievances_Shri Gang_September 2018
SCORES statement_Shri Gang_June 2018
Statement on Investors Complaints_Reg 13(3)_March 2018_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors Complaints_Reg 13(3)_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors complaints_Reg 13(3)_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors complaints_Reg 13(3)_June 2017_Shri Gang
Regulation 13(3)_March 2017_Shri Gang
Regulation 13(3)_Dec 2016
REG. 13(3)_SVL_Sep 2016.
Statement of Investor Complaints_SVL_30.06.2016
SVL_Investors Complaints_March 2016
Statement of Investor Complaint_Regulation 13(3)_Dec 2015


Intimation_Outcome_NP Publication_Shri Gang
Intimation_BM_Publication_Shri Gang
Intimation of outcome of BM & NP Pub_14.11.2018_Shri Gang
Intimation_Nov2018_Shri Gang
Intimation of outcome of BM_Newspaper publication_14.08.2018
Intimation of Board Meeting_14.08.2018_Shri Gang
Intimation to BSE_Change in Directorship_SVL_13.07.2018
Intimation of outcome of BM_30.05.2018_Shri Gang
Outcome of Board Meeting_14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation of appointment of Whole Time Director_Shri Gang
Intimation to BSE_Death of JK Jain
Intmation of Change in Directorship

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance_Dec 2018
Corporate Governance_Sept 2018_Shri Gang
Corporate Governance_Sept 2018_Shri Gang
Corporate Governance_Shri Gang_June 2018
CG Report_March 2018_Shri Gang
CG Report_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_June 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_March 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_Sep 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_June 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_March 2016_Shri Gang