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Investor Relations


Financial Results

Audited Financial Results_Quarter & Year ended 31.03.2018_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Unaudited Financial Results_June 2017_Shri Gang
Audited Financial Results_March 2017_Shri Gang

Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
Limited Review Report & UFR_30.06.2016_SVL

Financial Result_31.03.2016
SVL_Unaudited Financial Results_Dec 15
Uudited Financial Results_Sep 15
Audited Financial results_SVL_June 15

Limited Review Report & UFR_SVL_March 15
Unaudited Results_SVL_Dec 2014
UFR_SVL_Sep 14
UFR_SVL_June 14

Notice of Board Meeting

Notice Board Meeting_30.04.2018_Shri Gang
Notice & Intimation of BM
Intimation Board Meeting_13.02.2018_Shri Gang
Intimation Board Meeting_14.12.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation Board Meeting_14.09.2017_Shri Gang
Notice of Board Meeting 14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Notice of Board Meeting_29.05.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation of BM_regulation 29_13th Feb 2017_Shri Gang
Intimation Of BM_SVL_Quarter ended September 2016
Intimation of BM_SVL_Reg 29
Intimation of BM_SVL_Reg 29_31.03.2016
Notice of BM_Regulation 33_Dec 2015_SVL_31.12.2015
Notice BM_Clause 41_SVL_30.09.2015
Notice of BM_CLAUSE 41_31.03.2015_svl

Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern_March 2018_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Pattern_June 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding report_March 2017_Shri Gang
Shareholding Report_Dec 2016_SVL
Shareholding Pattern_30.09.2016
Shareholding Report_SVL_June 2016
Shareholding Pattern_March 2016
Shareholding Pattern Dec 2015_SVL0001
Shareholding Pattern_30.09.2015
Shareholding Pattern_30.06.2015
Shareholding Pattern_31.03.2015

Book Closure Notice

Intimation Book Closure_2016-17_Shri Gang
Intimation of Book Closure_Shri Gang

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Proceedings of EGM_March 2017_SVL
Scrutnizer report_SVL_EGM_2017
Voting results Report_EGM_Shri Gang_25.03.2017
EGM Notice_2017_SVL

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report

Reco Report_March 2018_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_June 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report _March 2017_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_Sep 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_June 2016_Shri Gang
RECO Report_March 2016_Shri Gang

Canditure Section 160

Candidature Notice_Yogesh Kumar_14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Candidature for Rahman Sir_SVL_2016


MGT-12_Polling Paper_2016-17_Shri Gang
Combined Scruinizer Report_AGM 2016-17_Shri Gang
Proceedings of AGM_2016-17_Shri Gang
Voting Results_AGM 2016-17_Shri Gang
AGM Notice_2016-17_Shri Gang
E-voting Notice_2016-17_Shri Gang

Voting Result- Shri gang
Scrutnizer report_Shri Gang_AGM
AGM Notice 2016_SVL
E VOTING Notice_SVL_2016
MGT 12 polling paper_SVL 2016
E VOTING Notice_SVL (1)
Intimation of book closure_svl.19.12.2015

Annual Report

Annual Report 2016-17_Shri Gang
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2015

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Composition of Various Committee

Commitee of Various Committee

Familiariazation programme

Familarisation Programme

Independent Director

Terms and Conditions for Appointment of Independent Director
Performance evaluation criteria of Independent Directors_Shri Gang

Statement of Investor Complaints

Statement on Investors Complaints_Reg 13(3)_March 2018_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors Complaints_Reg 13(3)_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors complaints_Reg 13(3)_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
Statement on Investors complaints_Reg 13(3)_June 2017_Shri Gang
Regulation 13(3)_March 2017_Shri Gang
Regulation 13(3)_Dec 2016
REG. 13(3)_SVL_Sep 2016.
Statement of Investor Complaints_SVL_30.06.2016
SVL_Investors Complaints_March 2016
Statement of Investor Complaint_Regulation 13(3)_Dec 2015


Intimation of outcome of BM_30.05.2018_Shri Gang
Outcome of Board Meeting_14.08.2017_Shri Gang
Intimation of appointment of Whole Time Director_Shri Gang
Intimation to BSE_Death of JK Jain
Intmation of Change in Directorship

Corporate Governance Report

CG Report_March 2018_Shri Gang
CG Report_Dec 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_Sept 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_June 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_March 2017_Shri Gang
CG Report_Dec 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_Sep 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_June 2016_Shri Gang
CG Report_March 2016_Shri Gang